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Mojave-Randsberg pics Saturday

The rest of the pictures from Saturday.....

Bouncing Billy putting secret additives in his super tanker.


Billy said he gravitated to the rock that wasn't on the trail. I wasn't quick enough to catch him on the ground.

First stop for beer, it was still morning.

Ok, the way I heard it was there wouldn't be much sand or whoops. LOL! It was good practice for sure!

606 reporting for duty, no flats today :)

Nowwhat? I will tell you nowwhat....we are about to head into some rocky downhills....for me they were pretty serious. Nothing I would want to go back up.

After the downhills was a nice obstacle course.

Passing was difficult

After the sandwash the 950s had a chance to cool down while we waited for the singles to arrive :)

Harder than it looks. We ended up just pushing it over without the wheel spinning.

Moving at a snails pace here, the Kawasaki was diggin in for the winter

Looks like a scorpion in this pic

Mudcycle, now this bike weighs as much as a 950.

Some of the foot prints back there were pretty deep, almost at the point where your foot would come out of the boot.

We were all laughing about this! I thought I was all good with my fresh 908 and all that HP. Oops, I see a low fender here.

I am glad to be providing some of the entertainment! Nowwhat laughing his ass off. I wasn't able to ride the bike very well when the front tire wasn't spinning.

Thought I was in the clear when we took this pic, not so.

I know why they have a "super" in the name of this bike.

Time for grubbin

By the way, we didn't stop for pictures. I always had to be quick with the camera as these guys wanted to RIDE!

Seriously, how is this for an unload site? The bank at the Tampa exit at the 101. I was exhausted and wanted to lay down on the grass.

Click any of the pics to get to the full album. Videos coming in a couple of days.
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