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Originally Posted by 2Evil4U
"Are you a fireman?"

Ahhhh, the perils of commuting in a red 'stitch.

The "How fast will it go?" question is my trigger that the questioner has no earthly idea how to ride a bike.
Last Saturday evening I stopped at a Steak & Shake Restaurant for dinner during my 600 mile one-day trek. After eating at the counter I stepped back to use the restroom. I had already put my Darian hi-viz jacket back on. As I passed a couple sitting in a booth I got the fireman question. The best part was when I went back to pay for my chili and drink, I found they did not even charge me because they (the people behind the counter) thought too that I was a fireman who had just came from a fire.

To add to the story, when I sat down at the counter I was immediately ask what I wanted. I ordered, then the guy went over to the cash register to take another patron's money. Then, the guy who is flipping the burgers turns around and asks me if I ordered a burger. I told him I ordered chili and a coke. He leaves the grill unattended, with about 10 - 12 burgers going, and comes back in like 30 seconds with a bowl of chili, overflowing the bowl, dripping onto the crackers and the saucer. Then a gal brings me a coke.
I've never seen the burger flipper do that before!

So when I got up to the cash register I told the manager who was now manning the register that I did not have a ticket yet, but wanted to pay. She said it was on the house. I ask her if that was because I looked like a fireman and she said yes. So I told her I was not a fireman but this is my riding suit. She laughed, then typed in what I ate and took my money. Maybe I should of kept my mouth shut. I think I'll look for a firetruck siren to put on the bike.
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