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Originally Posted by BlueBuell
Who cares about Alaska! I want to know what drove you to complete 12,000 miles in 2 weeks. Dude.
I guess it was a combination of (predictably) work and the sadistic mofo (Gary) who organized the whole thing. Being a seasoned Ironbutt veteran, at the time - he's all better these days - Gary's mindset was ineivitably that the extent of a person's manhood is measured by the length of his.................trip.
On the other hand, I'd only ever done one thousand mile day (barely) in my life prior to this little sojourn, but happily (naively?) consented to strappin' on the old fuel cell and hittin' the road; and give or take we did five of those suckers back-to-back in the first five days, with a high water mark (for two of us) of 1100+ miles including over 2 hours detained at the pleasure of our Canadian customs friends, discussing the ancient minutiae of our long forgotten alcoholic misdemeanors - I must say those gentlemen are very well researched. Oh how we laughed. And.....sore ass? I think I'd have felt better going fifteen rounds in solitary confinement with a rampantly homosexual Mike Tyson.
I can sense you're already jonsin' to do something similar.


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