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Originally Posted by RicH2
Douf......with an average of over 850 miles/day...that's not a trip, it's a race. So, you might want to file it under "Race Report".

BTW....what was your daily milage ?
We did a bit over the average/day on the way across and on the way back, with a bit less than average/day whilst in Alaska. you're right though it was - by necessity - mainly in the 800+ region though and FWIW we did a low of 228miles on the main maintenance day of the trip and I did a high of 1400+ on the last day after I had left the other guys in Montana; riding back from just outside Denver to Atlanta - with the fuel cell I could get 440 miles before hitting reserve. It was the first trip of this intensity that I'd done and to be honest it was actually easier than I'd expected. Gary had us fed, gassed up and hitting the road by 5am every morning and after that it just became an excercise in realistic time management. It can't have been that bad, since after they headed back east from MT, having a couple of extra days left, I decided to head south and tag the Mexican border just for the hell of it. However, for reasons I'll discuss in my report, I never made it.

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