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Originally Posted by Koshik
btw Phil ... GREAT write-up ...
You have a unique way of capturing moments into words ... fcuking hilarious.

For those of you who are interested ... below is the link to the rest of the ride reports ...
(this thread died after Phil announced his ride report .. with good reason)

This one is done by MikeSA
Hey Koshik,

Glad you liked the report - although in retrospect I think you were probably the most likely to enjoy it, since on the whole you got out of it with a little less crap than the rest of the crew .
I'm not sure if I added that much to the other reports in terms of basic content though - in fact if one's intent was to just glean as much information about the trip as possible, then those are probably a better bet. In reality, all I did was: steal most of the basic info from the other reports, then attempt to use fifteen words wherever one would normally do - I also had a propensity to that in my youth apparently, which Gary reminded of when making the college education jibe. Receiving a graded lab paper back from a college professor (which I had expended a good deal of effort on I might add), flipping through the pages I noticed one entire sheet of my supposedly factual prose had a bracket drawn around it with the attached legend 'THIS IS ALL WAFFLE (=bullshit)'. I just knew if I kept that skill in my back pocket, it would eventually come in handy somewhere.

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