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I just gotta say i love it when anyone comes up to me and starts asking sillys about the bike i happen to be riding or where i've just come from or where i'm heading, it can really go anywhere a bit like that trail you decidced to actually go down instead of not go down, there might be some thing down there you never imagined. Beats listening to the predictable shit on tv plus you can add to it or even better yourself. FUCK ME thats one of the reasons i love bikes , because its a freedom that some people instantly recognise.

Open mind for those that share that passion!

From the other angle, i have approached some real nobs on bikes hoping for a small chat, that act as if they are royalty.

Maybe some of you should work a little harder to get out of the city where there are a shit load of people who can all blur into one hidious figmant.
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