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Buell owner here:

1) You've got a headlight out.
2) Your bike's still running (cooling fan).
3) What size is it? It's a 1203. No way-- it's too small!

Kids always give me the "wheelie" (up & down) hand sign. I ignore them. I can wheelie my bike, but only by accident.

I was once stopped at a light and I had some HD T-shirt wearing goofball walk up to me in the road to inform me that the Ulysses was a bike that never should have been built. My Uly's kinda noisy (sorry, ADVRider Db police), so as soon as I realized he was insulting my choice of bike I whacked the throttle a few times to drown out his idiocy. The light changed. I rode off. He walked back to the sidewalk.
I'll quit before I fail.
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