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Originally Posted by azcagiva
I am in the process of setting up the xr for a large HID. I talked to ricky stator and he informed me that for the size of HID I am planning on using I would need a decent battery to help it start. So I purchased his 200w stator and rectifier/regulator.

Today I looked all over the bike and could not find any place to mount the crf 450 battery that I had just bought. It was the smallest that I could find here in the small town of Camp Verde. I finally decided on putting at the back of the bike behind the airbox. I fabbed up a battery box and mounted it. I wish the battery was a little slimmer but I think it will work ok. Anyone else try this?

Here are some pics of the box I made.

I now need to make a small plastic cover to put over the terminals. I tried the battery the other way but the positive terminal was too close to the mounting bolts, didn't want to short out the battery.

I will install the stator and regulator later this week. I am still waiting on some parts so I can fab the front light. I think I will use a trailtech cage to mount my reflector and ballast.

What do you guys think? Does it look ok or should I start over?

i have a similar battery mounted on my bike using a tray sold by Baja Designs. the tray goes mounted above the engine behind the stator. the way yours is set up looks good but it will take a pounding, i wonder if it will hold in the long run. this is the best picture i have right now of my set up, the battery is right behind the e-start (previous owner install) i'd like to get rid of but love when i'm too hot and tired to kick it's a great location for the battery, well protected and solidly mounted to the engine.
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