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Originally Posted by Draechon
(I)t gets hard to leave a gas station as everyone comes up to me, little boys and girls thinking it's awesome, their parents trying to tell me it's illegal to ride (you know, because it doesn't have a license plate, turn signals, a horn, headlight, and taillight), moped riders thinking it's cool that such a small bike can be so versatile and not scare with them with weight or power, bigger dual sport come up to say they wish they had something small and light to throw around, metric cruiser guys come up to always mention how they started riding off road dirt bikes and then small cc on-road bikes, but are getting too old and so ride what their wives can be comfortable on the back of, Harley riders make a joke about me growing up and getting one of their bikes someday, and pure sportbike riders tend to keep to themselves.
If there's a better overall description of one's parking lot/gas station experiences whilst riding a dual sport motorcycle, I haven't read it. Well done.

"Inequality": a false notion propagated by those who are made to feel guilty for what they have by those who are jealous for what they donít.
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