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Originally Posted by bwringer
"Hey man, you got any spare change?"

"When you gonna get a REAL bike? Haw haw haw haw." (Three guesses what sort of turdwagons these guys are riding.)

Actually, I've been asked that question a couple of different times by dudes driving a pickup with a Hardley-Ableson sticker and/or license plate on it. That's right. They're real bikers who ride REAL bikes. Except when it's below 75 degrees or above 80 degrees or raining or it looks like it might rain or there's a cloud off in the distance or their assless chaps are a little squeaky or it might get dark at night or a bug smudged the chrome last time they rode or they're hung over or there might be stinky dead animals in the road or there are other vehicles on the road.
I've got the flip side of that one. I have an older H-D, and also a dual-sport bike (KTM 950A). Once on a trip riding the H-D I was totally ATGATT including a hi-viz Darien. I had stopped at a gas-station/convenience store for fuel and also to take a pit-stop and get a snack. While waiting to pay for my goodies a couple of obvious BMW commandos came into the station, decked out to the hilt in the latest in Beemer fashion. One of them noticed me and walked over and said "Hey, how's it goin', what are you riding?" I responded "Just the old Harley out there....." at which point he looked stunned, and said "Oh, you looked like a BMW rider!", then turned to walk away. I said "No, I'm not....." I didn't add the "asshat!" that was wanting to bubble forth. But I will say that asshats don't just ride Harleys.
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