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Can I give you some advice? I only started riding offroad like 4 years ago. I started with a meticulously prepared BMW F650 GS Dakar with WP USD forks, rally dash with roadbook/IMO, 18"/21" wheels etc. No scratch everywhere.

I joined some roadbook ride-outs from the Dutch GS Club, did my own allroad/offroad riding. Fell every once in a while of course. After 6 months I got fed up with it. For my lack of riding experience that bike was just a handfull too much. Still quite heavy, vulnerable and simply said not the easies bike to ride. I bought myself a DR650SE (which I know these can be had in germany for around 2000 euros). Played with it to no end. Now that was fun! 35 kgs lighter, lower center of gravity, hardly anything to break and easy to pick up after you fall. After 2 years I sold it for what what I paid for in the first place. While the F650GS Dakar was already sold long time. Now I have an Xchallenge which I love to no end.

My advice to you, get a cheap, oldish DR650/TTR600 type of bike and use that for learning your skills, mud puddles, sand washes. Only after you feel confident start using the Katoom Adv. You will love it even more that that old learners bike, but in the meantine you've kept the learning curve low enough, and you haven't crashed that very nice KTM Adv of yours.

(my €0,02)
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