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Originally Posted by gary138
HI , It was 11,000 miles in 14 days. Were you riding while I was sleeping....
Technically speaking, yes I was! On the last day of the trip, while you girls were back home tucked up safely in bed after already finishing the trip earlier in the day (come to think of it, the previous day strictly speaking - damn! forget the mileage, I didn't even get the number of days right ), I was still out riding at 2:30 in the morning, attempting to negotiate some of North Western Georgia's more rural backroads after our wonderful law enforcement officials had completely closed down I-75 southbound. On the plus side though, even getting lost when you'd rather be asleep, in retrospect is good for the mileage bottom line.
To be honest though, when starting this write-up I just pulled that 12K figure out of my ass from your initial pre-trip estimate without giving much further pause for thought. But you are correct; although - looking at the mapquest and doing the math - I estimate my cross country solo sojourn towards the end of the trip was maybe good for a couple of hundred extra miles over the final total you guys came up with (taking into account the shorter leg I did to get to the initial meeting point as well), that still only puts me around 11500 GPS miles (you guys actually did 11200 and change according to my figures). Additionally My wildy optimistic KTM odometer had me at a little more respectable figure than did the GPS, which of course in my non Ironbutt calibrated mind was the correct one to use So, if all the planets were indeed aligned, and using a bit of poetic license, maybe I'm not that far away from my optimistic reality (probably not good enough for any kind of official long distance certificate though, eh?).
FWIW my own written distance statistics dissapeared from the tankbag map window somewhere in the deserts of Utah - so if anyone happens to come across a tattered little pad with a bunch of mileage figures in it.

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