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Pissed Why are you defending this idiot?

Originally Posted by joho
and this is all because a "real rider" NEVER crosses the line???

I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.. jeez gentlemen!
Originally Posted by AceRph
You guys are a bunch of meanies.

Originally Posted by AdvRydr
This poor guy, I wonder if he knows he's being roasted yet.
And now that I took part in the roasting, my own karma is in negative territory and I'll either drop my bike in front of many witnesses, or someone will photograph me doing something really stupid... happens every time.
You do NOT lose Karma points for calling an idiot an idiot. This guy needs to go back to the parking lot and stay off the scary twisty roads until he learns how to handle the bike.

I bet he bought the bike with the sticker already on it and it is his first bike. Put him on a Ninjet 250 so he can learn to ride. He his going to kill someone.
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