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Originally Posted by Barry
Nothing wrong with this lane placement at all - turn in is off, he should be 30-40 degrees leftward of where he is pointing... You can see through the turn you are in, and into the next 1 (2?) turns???

The original photo shows a guy squeezing into the lane of an oncoming bike. Replace "bike" with "van" and you may have a dead idiot biker.

The dude is an asshat, and is one of the prime reasons I currently have 2 people that I call to go ride. Until proven a non-idiot, I assume other riders ride in a manner that puts them and me at risk. I've seen this proven to be true too many times.


I agree with you about crossing the line when site lines are good, but I think this photo is just the other side of the same curve as the first photo. It sure doesn't look like it's got good site lines all the way through. It would seem that to be where he is now, he'd have had to of ridden on the centerline through the bad visibility portion of the corner.

...but maybe not, perhaps he's late apexing once he can see the line..

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