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  1. Why are you wearing a snowmobile suit?
  2. Aren't you hot in that? (if it is over 60F)
  3. Aren't you cold? (if it is under 60F)
  4. Be careful on that thing, I had a friend who...
  5. Forecast calls for rain, hope you're close to home!
  6. Lost?/Where are you going?/I can help you find it. (I'm looking for Ohio -I think it's thataway...I'm sure I'll find it eventually, then I'll start looking for Indiana) This hardly ever happens now that I've got the GPS and people mostly leave me alone with the offers for directions.
  7. All alone so far from home? (looking at license plate)
  8. Can I ride it?
  9. What kind of mileage do you get?
  10. What does FYYFF mean?
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