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Originally Posted by SCQTT

BTW, not me. Someone needs to brush up on those skills.

No excuse for that. That is how you get killed @ the Dragon.
There's no excuse for a lot of the stuff we all see out there.
Most of the time it's just from not paying attention, or letting your mind wander. Or just plain inexperience:

"More Americans are riding motorcycles than ever as aging, affluent baby boomers recapture the "Easy Rider" dreams of their youth. In 2003, the median age of all motorcyclists in the United States was 41, according to the Motorcycle Industry Council. In 1985, the median age was 27."

I think everyone could benefit from a "refresher course"? (Myself included)
Just remember, the more stickers you have on your bike doesn't "make" you a better rider.
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