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the 10/11" solution works, and works very well, especially if you are running a prefilter. correct bowl venting is critical for that last little tweak when it comes to these sensitive carbs.

as far as your idea of sending the vents out the side, that might work OK so long as there is not a loop that would trap liquid fuel in it and not allow it to drain back into either the carb or out to the ground.

same goes for the tank vents. if there is a low spot for liquid to accumulate and lay in, thus not allowing full/free venting you will experience problems.

directly from my experience with quite a few 950s, I have suggested and helped resolve several bikes with a slight surge problem by changing the vents from the Y to the singles.

ya, I got 2.5 hours of sleep last night so.... not sure if I can make that clearer....
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