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More Gas = Sore A$$

The Fuel Cell

After plundering the aftermarket to within an inch of bankcruptcy, all I had left to show for my efforts was an assemblage of bike + parts that any goober with plenty of money and limited imagination could have put together. In my eyes, the one redeeming feature of the add-on exercise though was the fuel cell. With this puppy on board in place of the topcase and rack, fully gassed at around eleven gallons, the temperamental Orange projectile was capable of inducing well over 400 miles of haemeroid blistering hell between fill ups.

Fuel Cell and Mount

Mounting Brackets and Modified Rack

Underside of Modified Rack

5 extra gallons inside this rugged plastic enclosure (normally used for circle track racers) - held on by nylon webbing straps which worked great and held the tank very securely

A whole rats nest of AN pipe fittings (that turned out to be a royal pain to source in any concurrent collection of parts), Shut off valve (activated when main tanks are empty - gas is gravity fed - works great. Knob is easy to use even when reaching behind you too), and grounding strap (partly visible) which I diligently routed down to the subframe and tied off; but in retrospect, since it was hooked up to a stud on the plastic filler cap and therefore possessed no form of electrical continuity to the gas, I doubt it was very effective.

Quick disconnect (to allow retention of plumbing on bike) and fuel filter. However, with fueling issues evident on return from the trip (which turned out to be completely unrelated to any of this stuff) I removed the whole installation before commencing further diagnosis.

Modified 'Katoom' luggage rack mated to machined aluminum 6061 brackets and breather tube (routed down the side of the license plate when assembled).

However, as the beast and I really haven't been anywhere of significant note together since the end of this trip, and also as I feel so utterly pretentious ridding down to the local Starbucks with a fuel cell mounted :ymca - this contraption has recently spent its' retirement collecting dust in a darkened corner of my workshop.


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