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Originally Posted by VFR_firefly
I have never once in my 35+ years of riding crossed the centerline while there was oncoming traffic that had to move out of my way while I was in THEIR lane.

This is NOT a minor mistake. It's pretty damn serious. In fact, it nigh unforgivable. This rider should have his moto-license yanked until he can demonstrate proficiency. At the very least the ADV sticker should be revoked. -yoink!

It could very well have been deadly. This isn't a missed gear.
I agree. Of course we all make mistakes. Crossing the centerline is not a mistake, it is ignorant, unobservant riding.

If you have to cross center to scrub off speed to keep from killing yourself you were going too damn fast to begin with.

I, for one, will NEVER set tire on Deal's Gap. The place looks like a nightmare to me.
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