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Originally Posted by basil
Hi pyndon have got gear box problems sorted.
Since I lost the gearbox all together, I figured it would be a selector problem, I just didn't know what.

When I stripped the bike.....

I saw this.....

It looks like the alloy plate that holds the shift pins in has warn and allowed the pin to work it's way out. As you can see, the one next to it is also working its way out

I suspect that harsh shifting for thousands of miles in the power sapping deep sand of Africa didn't help, that coupled with the fact that the bike has almost 60,000miles of abuse on it

I found the pin on the magnetic drain plug, minding it's own business. At least it is in one piece and did not go through the motor

A new plate on the end of the shift drum should fix it. Wonder why it is alloy and not steel like every other bike I have seen. Anyone know if they updated the part? Mine is a very early bike.

Ahh well, as usual, a simple fix and

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