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Originally Posted by 5050
Operative words - wheels at same elevation. When tipped the cg moves in the direction of the lower wheel thus biasing weight to the lower wheel and decreasing the weight born by the higher wheel. Which end of a washing machine feels heavier going downstairs - the upper or lower? Easier to wheelie going uphill or down?
This is it exactly. If the bike is not level then this method may not be accurate.
Also, how do you determine front to rear bias? How much do you count from each wheel? Just simply add the two weights together? Or work a percentage based on manufacturers listed front to rear bias?

Doesn't sound right to me but I never took Physics!

Sorry, I'm old school, prefer a real scale. I did measure the weight of a motor once. I got on the bathroom scale, noted the amount then held the motor close to me and held still. Just the slightest movement of the motor changed the scale ready by 15 to 20 lbs. on a 100 lb. motor.
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