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I was working on the bike in my garage, when some knuckledraggers that were repaving my street walked by. "Nice bike..." yada yada. I've got a Katana 600, not the fanciest bike on the street, but its brand new so it looks nice...I'll give him that one. Then one of them goes "I've got a 'Busa, its fast, and I be poppin wheelies on it an' 'boutchu lemme buy yours"

What did you crash yours? Do you have one at all? Did you SEE a for sale sign? What do you want with my bike if you really have a Hyabusa? How exactly do you reason with stupid...

I get something along those lines pretty regularly here in New Orleans. Wannabe's and posers.

On the other hand, I have met some nice people (as well as douches) at gas stations before.
Generally, common sense will prevail...unless you work where I work.
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