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Originally Posted by Bozola

It's a decent motor one you've replaced the stock rod with a Titanium Carrillo custom made $$$), upgraded the piston to an Arias, upped the compression to 13:1, and added a reinforced base plate between the cylinder and the case. The mounting bolts are a little susceptible to fatigue and cracking. Since they don't go all the way through the case, this can lead to embarrassing moments on the track.

I guess the engineers put that red line there for a reason.
After we modified the engine, tho', nothing we did fazed it.
Great stuff, Bozola. The XT/TT engines were famous for grenading when piston speed exceeded 4,000 fpm. Glad to hear you discovered a way around it. Was there ever a retail source for the base plate or was that a one-off?
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