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Originally Posted by montesa_vr
Great stuff, Bozola. The XT/TT engines were famous for grenading when piston speed exceeded 4,000 fpm. Glad to hear you discovered a way around it. Was there ever a retail source for the base plate or was that a one-off?
It was a one-off chunk of billet. I admit that was probably over kill as once you reduce the reciprocating mass and throw away the garbage stock rod the engine is pretty tough. All of the engines stopped detonating once we went with the Arias and Carrillos. The base plate stopped the case from fracturing. Good thing too...XT500 bottom-end are hard to find!

Fun bike to race once you've gotten rid of the stock exhaust, carbs, wheels, rod, piston, seat, fenders, lights, battery, and centerstand. ;)
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