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Originally Posted by bwringer
Last time I was on the Dragon, it was slathered in scowling THP cops. Several asshat idiots like this one had caused a couple of nasty wrecks that day.

So I decided to go über-balls-out in the corners... but resolved to only use the right-hand part of my lane. I wicked it up to maybe 34mph on the few "straights".

There were several spots I was cranking a monster lean angle at all of 25mph, right in front of a cop wearing his best Village People mirrored sunglasses meanie face.

It was actually a hell of a lot of fun and excellent practice. Without much of a "line" to choose from, I had to concentrate on the techniques required to simply deal with the road surface, contours, and curves at hand.
I have found at the Gap, that if you maintain a constant 35 to 40 mph (edit: in your own lane) you'll out run

99% of the people there. Especially the numb nuts that are wide open on the straights.

The first pic is the reason I haven't been beack in 3+ years, even though I'm

less than an hour away.

(plus there are better roads with nearly zero traffic closer to home )
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