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Originally Posted by Gramps
There is no front to rear bias. You add the two weights up and you get the weight of the bike.

FWIW, I've weighed my 1989 Transalp, ABS DL650, and R90/6.

I got 450lb on the TA, which is damn close to the listed 448 in this thread.

I got 510 lbs for my DL650, but I've got the ABS version, and have a skid plate, crashbar and luggage rack on my bike. Plus I've got at least 3-5 lb of tools under the seat.

It's not a problem leveling the bike. A 2x4 on it's side in almost exactly the same height as my bathroom scale. And yes moving around on the scale will cause the weight to bounce, but if you hold still, it's right.
Thanks for the heads up. No doubt my technique was probably a bit off.
I'll try this next time I can sneak the scale out to the garage! I imagine with a few attempts of placement and leveling I can probably get this to work,
I'll give it a try.
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