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mscardig and GB, I came home from work and took some pictures just for you guys, before going to bed.

The headlight off switch and cigarette lighter are installed to the crossbar using different sizes of this little guy, a metal wire loom ($5 / multi pack).

The cig lighter is a regular automotive interior model from NAPA ($7), you have to buy one that has a removable chrome mounting bezel and which has both the positive and negative studs on the back of the element (some models look like this but have the negative stud on the mounting bezel). Pitch the bezel in the trash. Using a larger wire loom and the pictured smaller looom bolted together, you can secure the cig lighter to the crossbar. It is very sturdy and a strip of friction tape under it makes sure it doesn't rotate. It is waterproof with the included cap (not shown) on.

The switch is a SPST 15A throw ($4), not waterproof; doesn't need to be. It will eventually go bad, but is cheap and easily available. The mounting plate is a piece of some scrap I had in my nuts and bolts drawer. I used a SAE connector because I made a "jumper" out of another SAE connector that I can plug in if the switch does go bad, so I still have use of my headlight.

Buell blinkers ($15 ea), Enduro Engineering handguards ($50), Spiegler brake line ($70)

Unabiker radiator guards ($100). These are very sturdy, but required a bit of cajoling to get installed. I ended up having to shim the clutch side with nylon washers to get enough clearance around the radiator to mount the guards.

IMS footpegs ($50 used), very nice. I used to think wider footpegs couldn't possibly make a difference; how wrong I was.

Generic (maybe Acerbis, it says "made in Italy", but nothing else) taillight and subfender ($15), Buell blinkers. I like the sideways plate. Very KTM.

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