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Oh, found the part # for the vortex 1/4 turn throttle tube is #01-0054.

Originally Posted by gas_pig70
$900 for freight? Sounds like they are asking you to bend over and take it. Usually a figure around $300-$400 would be normal for this charge unless you perhaps live in HI or AK.
LOL! Yeah that's pretty high! My dealer added $100 to my bill because I bought my bike with a credit card. I ended up looking up the law here in CO. It's illegal to add a fee for a credit card (legal to give discount for CASH though). I filed a complaint with BBB and my cc company placed a hold of $100 on the charge and the company never disputed it! After I made the purchase I transferred it to a 0% balance transfer card and paid it off. (kinda dumb but... oh well)
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