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Spoke dimensions


Once again, sorry for digging up an ancient thread, but...

I've been reading up on KTM spoked wheels and the horror stories associated with them. In anticipation of spoke failure, I've been planning to zip-tie the spokes together and keep a close eye on them. I've also been considering carrying some spare spokes with me on longer trips.

How should I interpret the KTM parts fiche listing for the front and rear wheel spokes for my 2003 640 Adventure? The fiche lists the rear wheel spokes as:

546.10.471.000 SPEICHE M5X223-10G 18 SPOKE M5X223-10G 18
503.10.071.197 SPEICHE M5X197-10G 18 DDE SPOKE M5X197-10G 18 DDE

The spoke nipples as:


For the front:

503.09.071.230 SPEICHE M4,5X230-15G 21 DDE SPOKE M4,5X230-15G 21 DDE

And the nipples:

503.09.072.000 SPEICHENNIPPEL M4,5X0,75 8X21 SPOKE NIPPLE M4,5X0,75 8X21

The reason I am asking is because the cost for these parts is stupidly expensive from my local dealer. There is a custom wheel manufacturer who could make me some spokes for much less, but he would need some more information about the spokes before making them. I don't trust my ability to measure the assembled spokes and I really don't wish to dissassemble the wheel and send some some spokes as samples.

I've figured out so far that the part descriptions highlighted in orange have probably something to do with the diameter and the (total) length of the spoke. At least one additional dimension, mainly the angle of the bend is required. My gut feeling says that the part highlighted in red could be something to do with that angle (as G could be short for Grad - angle in german...).

So, anybody have any insight into the aforementioned issue?


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