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This is the final (and much belated) entry of my adventure in Central America.

After several months of waiting for parts to be shipped in from Austria, the shop in San Antonio had my bike repaired. I have to admit that I wasn't looking forward to this part; my new 990A at home had spoiled me and made me wonder why on earth I took a single on this trip in the first place. The weather across the southwest looked cold and the New Girlfriend was waiting at home in a nice warm bed. But like this story, dammit, I had to finish it.

I picked a week, flew out, and was finally reunited with my bike. I owe big thanks to advrider's Tricepilot for giving me crash space and taking me to the Best BBQ In Texas. It really was. I failed to take pictures of it.

Despite being a lifelong California snob, I really like Texas. Unfortunately what I don't like about Texas is driving across it. BORING! I've never seen so many long, straight, flat roads in my life. I only took one picture. I only needed to take one picture. It went on like this FOREVER:

...and this was one of the small minor highways!

If it weren't for audiobooks I would have dropped into a coma long before the New Mexico border. I'm particularly thankful to Max Brooks for World War Z: An Oral History Of The Zombie War.

Food in Texas is like food everywhere else, except all the restaurants are BBQ. I ate my fill. For the rest of the year!

Having just broken in a new engine, I stopped in Santa Fe for a 600-mile service and to see an old friend from high school that I hadn't seen in fifteen years. We ate more BBQ.

Unfortunately the rush schedule kept me on the boring main highways. I didn't really have the option of taking extra days; a major snowstorm was scheduled to hit central Arizona the day after I zipped through it. I was already wearing every piece of thermal insulation I had just to keep feeling in my toes.

Just for kicks I rode though Amboy again. This time the gas station and store were actually open!

For the final stretch home I did some exploring, and discovered my new favorite way to get from SoCal to NorCal: Highways 33, 198, and 25!

That's pretty much it. Now I need to move on to stories of the next adventure!


(for now)
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