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Originally Posted by Koshik
I HOPE its not because it's blue .. .but rather it can get Di on her back!
FWIW that reminds me of an old joke, which for your benefit I'll tailor to your South African sensibilities.

After the fall of apartheid, blacks and whites eventually became more integrated within society and members of the black community started occupying positions in the business world, previously only filled with whites.
Anyway, one day in a quite well-to-do banking firm the white CEO of the company is standing in the executive bathroom taking a leak, when in walks the business director, who happens to be a Zulu. As he's stood there, also taking care of business, the CEO glances over and can't help noticing what an impressively large member his colleague is wielding. Utterly dumbfounded, he has never seen anything like it and has to know the story behind this wonderful length of manhood.
'Excuse me' says the CEO, 'But I couldn't help but notice how well endowed you appear to be - what's your secret?'
'Well,' says the Zulu, 'Following an ancient tribal tradition, when I was a young boy, I would tie a small rock to the end of my member and, as I got older, it got longer and stronger, and consequently the small rock would be periodically replaced by a larger stone until I ended up with what you see today'
'That's a great story,' said the CEO, 'Do you think that might work for me?'
'I can't see why not,' said the Zulu, and so the two colleagues left the bathroom and carried on with their duties.
A few weeks later, the two men bump into each other in a corridor and the Zulu inquires about the 'extent' of the progress.
'Oh, it's going great,' says the CEO. 'I'm very happy. In fact, only three weeks have passed since I started with the rock and although it hasn't got any longer yet, I've already got it to turn black!'

Har! Har!

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