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Originally Posted by Tundra Tom
Kinda like this Tyll?

Well, I got the H-1 back together but it wouldn't start.
Gas on all 3 plugs, spark on only #3. Strange, going to check the wiring again from the points the the harness as they were all dis-connected on tear down. Cleaned the points and checked gap. Plugs are new but still swapped them to be sure. Plug wires were replaced but still checked them with a continuity tester while flexing them. Maybe test the coils. Mmmmmm...any thoughts?
Does the spark remain on the same lead when you swap plugs? I'd be looking for something plugged in the wrong way from when you had it all disconnected, it's probably staring you in the face? Or perhaps some age-related corrosion in a connector, giving just enough resistance to be a show stopper./--Failing that, get some HT lead , without the plug cap on the end, to see if you are actually getting spark down all leads, without the cap being in the way. Do you know the bikes' history, ie, was it running before storage? Something like a coil failure could have been the catalyst for storage?? Good luck.
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