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Originally Posted by Putts
I think the guy who drove one at my high school had this color scheme..... He'd open it up pulling out of the parking lot and it was like the space/time was getting torn open around it.

Yup, yer gonna have fun, Tom.

I made the mistake of doing that when I pulled away from a buddy's house on my '72 Mach III. I wheelied from 1st to 2nd and from 2nd to 3rd each time the front wheel bounced from the ground and into the air. He later told me he thought I was pretty cool, I told him the wheelies weren't intentional and I was merely holding on for my life.

Sometime later that summer I had a guy in a GTO Judge pull up next to me and start revving his engine. I looked over and gave him the nod to go when the light turned green. This time I decided to sit up closer to the fuel tank and keep more of my weight over the engine. Well, no wheelies this time but on a cool, humid morning under heavy acceleration the Mach III simply decided to start riding itself out from under me. I smoked (no pun intended) the GTO but found my ass so close to sliding off the rear part of the seat I had to shut it down.

I've since had quicker and faster bikes but there's something about a Kawasaki triple that inspires awe because of its violent acceleration and the sound it makes as it winds up. The throttle was more an "on/off" switch than anything else and heavy use of it rendered MPG readings in the high teens but DAYUM that bike could slam your eyeballs into the back of your skull! I bought mine used in '75 from the local Cadillac dealer and sold it in '77, paid $600 for it.
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