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Originally Posted by Idahosam
Bad news from RC looks like the Marines scheduled my facility on Memoral Day (who the hell work on holidays.. um Marines) so I may not make the event.
Downer, sounds like the work of 1st Bn, 3rd Marines.... Gotta feel for those fellahs, I think this is their third trip since I started working back on the Big Isle.

Originally Posted by Kawidual
Either small sailer, or Zodiac with a 50-100hp. Im torn betwen the two.
IMHO go with the Zoddy, you can launch at Honaunau, Road to the Sea, Milolii, Mahu Kona, Manuka, etc. etc. etc. where your 10 minutes troll away from some excellent dive spots.

Originally Posted by Idahosam
Thw only venor I found that will do inter-island vehicle tranport is "Young Brothers" and I was told I have to have the bike palletized when it arrives on the dock (have your own pallet) or you can rent a container but there is a waiting list and $$$ so I was told by them.
Pallet shipping cost $70.00 last year this time. You can get free pallets in Hilo at the Harley Joint but it's worth beefing them up with pop-rivets before you use them.

"G-Van" container was about $120.00 two years back, you can get two bikes in plus all your gear and stash.

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