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So la-dee-da... things like to get screwed up. Now instead of the bike being in Venez when I arrive I just had to push the ship date back, so I'll be in country for a couple weeks before she arrives. Maybe give me an opportunity to get a feel for the place first...

My national guard unit got called up to help North Dakota (ew) with some floods, so I missed the date I was supposed to ride to Chicago (which was a beautiful 82 and sunny that day). Instead I got home from NorDak and tried to ride to Chi the following morning.... 39 degrees. Got 15 miles from home and then a torrential downpour kicked off. Screw that. Cold I don't mind; rain I don't mind; cold and drenched to the bone and unable to see out of the helmet, suck that. APX is cool with the ship date switch though so things are still all good, plus it gives me a little more time to get the recalls on my bike addressed.

Anakees mounted, duffel bag is in for sewing so I can attach/lock it to the bike. Got the Garmin fully powered on the bike. That CANbus system is pretty slick, me likey... And I downloaded the Wanderlust maps. I don't know if "impressive" is the word, but they're definitely better than the Garmin alternative, half the price, and run by a fellow rider...

Also ordered SPOT and I'm a loser and just dropped 60 bucks on nationality stickers so that with each border I go through I can add that country's sticker onto my panniers. Like I said, I'm a dork. Whatever.

I'm just damn excited to get this thing going!
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