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Originally Posted by HelloKitty
Its worthy to note that we both had either plugs or in-ear headphones that affected the sound / loudness. For me, I was wearing a pair of qJays and it was tricky to have a conversation above 40-45 mph. I never managed to turn on the volume-boost on my unit to compensate - I know John had his enabled, but his battery didn't last as long as mine. I'd say wearing plugs cut the loudness by 40% vs. no plugs at all.

Also, I had the following experience using the blue ant for phone calls:
  • With my Blackberry 7130, it paired up just fine but I could only hear if I was stopped on the bike. For some reason I could not get the volume high enough when paired with this phone.
  • With my HTC Touch Dual, it also paired up easily and was 30-40% louder than when paired with my blackberry. I drove on city streets in Rapid City with speeds up to 50 mph, with no plugs in, and had an amazingly clear conversation with my mom. She had no clue I was driving the bike and I didn't miss a word!!
Overall, I really like this blue ant. I do think its a shame the parts for these are not easy to get.
Gotta love their customer service :

I did have an email conversation with them about making a dual-speaker version and adding music support. The response was "that would be dangerous on a motorcycle" As opposed to talking on the phone???

Sony and Jabra both make/made bluetooth music/phone adapters that used any headphones (like qJays or Ety's) but they don't have the noise suppression on the mic's to be usable while on the bike.
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