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Sounds just like how I ride!
But, I'm NOT in... got other rides to do this weekend (all road). Plus my shoulder is still bothering me... damn... I'm sounding like Ben.


Originally Posted by h8chains
so far, riders in the IN list are just a bunch of lolly gaggers; doing our best effort we should be at the bottom of BPL by 11am.....

:Lol'i*gag*er, a.(lollygagging);

Lollygagger, The art of being extremely slow at everything; sloth like; moving a small distance in a long time; not quick in motion; tardy; to delay; sluggish; a habitually slow dude.
Yo, Sketchly! Im ready to go to the bar. Why you still putting on your damn socks? Your a damn lollygagger, always taking your sweet ass time. Im going without you! Peace, im out! You lollygagging bitch!
n00b on too tall bike.
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