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Originally Posted by makazica
First of all, I admit that I am maybe a bit dumb and unaducated about the topic, but I'm having a little trouble understanding the pic below.

On the pic there are two lines on the upper part of the shock absorber, and the distance between them is called A. A = 27mm.

I'm having trouble understanding what A is. The difference between the fully extended spring and, in this case, the basic setting for preload??

A is the amount the spring is compressed when the shock absorber is fully extended. To set it, remove the spring from the shock and measure the length. It should be about 260mm. Then install the spring on the shock and adjust the preload collars so the spring is 27mm shorter- or about 233mm.

Edit: note that the conversion is wrong. 27mm is 1.1 inches, not 0.9
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