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Originally Posted by Nowwhat
Did it again....

Didn't hit a bus this time....just a KTM 250 coming the other way on my side of the trail....We hit head on and mostly chest to chest as we were both standing...I tried to go left but his buddy was there so after we hit and went down I was rolling to the left and rolled over the buddy who low actually I hit 2 bikes today....

The guy that hit me was wearing SHORTS and a gloves....he has significant burns from the header of his bike that landed on top of him... ....only the other injuries...his english wasn't very good but he got across that he was OK...

The SE is mostly ok...lost the front fender, headlight assembly adjuster and a hand guard....

I don't have a scratch....pressure suit, knees braces etc....

I don't like OHV areas anymore....
Compared to the other guy, you're dressed to bounce when you fall.

Glad your gear took care of you.

And yeah, I don't like OHV areas either. Bent front fender on the Jeep at Azusa Canyon.
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