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A phone call was put in to Monte who had the same thing happen to him last year in Tellico. Sadly we soon found out the difference between BJ's 885 and our FAR SUPERIOR 955's was that the 885's have a tendency to lock up if you just try to start it right up. Anyway, we happen to know this dude who sells these really cool tool kits so we set to work tearing BJ's bike apart to get to the plugs and empty the airbox of oil.

Oh, did I mention this was around 1230 or so after we sat under the porch bullcrapping for 4+ hours before BJ realized his bike wasn't gonna run?

The proud owner of an unruly behemoth....
Oh yeah, and BJ is in this pic too.

You see, in order to do just about ANY maintenance on the Tiger, the tank must be pulled. This is an excercise in patience as about 3 or 4 different types of fasteners are used and there are various hoses and wires to be pulled. Not fun. Luckily I had just done this myself last week so I was familiar with the process.

So, we set to work, of course using the Blue Ridge Racing tool kit

Check out that T Handle, baby!

So, I mention to BJ to be careful when pulling the tank off the bike because there are 2 crappy plastic female fittings in the tank which have a tendency to snap when messed with. Of course, he ignored me and wanted to try to get to the plugs by simply lifting the tank without actually disconnecting anything... when we heard a little snap and gas shot out. We rested the tank back down and the gas stopped running so we continued on...

Okay, tank off... what next?

Naturally, as with any time when the tank off any bike has to be removed... it was full of 6 glorious gallons of Amoco's finest.

With the airbox removed this is what we found.

Oh yeah, good times! Well, lets' get that oil outta there and clean up the plug!

There were wires and hoses and lions and TIGERS....

Guess what else the toolkits come with? That's right... QUICKSTEEL... that should fix that leaky plastic fitting, right?

Let me tell you, I love my Tiger but sometimes I wonder if the designers over there actually ride motorcycles, the engineering is so damned STUPID. The use PLASTIC fittings for fuel lines into the GAS TANK. Then, they set them into a recessed part of the tank where you can't possibly do a roadside repair. Here, BJ tries to cram Quicksteel into the offending area.

On top of all this, it was off an on pouring rain. Mo and Bobby were good enough to let us work under their covered porch. Tarps were spread and gas and oil was spilled.

Well.... the Quicksteel did not want to set on the greasy metal fitting holding the fuel pump assembly together. We thought maybe it would hold enough to where just a drip of gas would escape and BJ could limp it home, but once we put the tank on, and started the bike, we realized the pressure wasn't going to allow this... gas shot out everywhere.

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