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At one point, Mo asked us what our Plan B was. I looked at her with a straight face and said, "Lady, we don't even have a PLAN A."

We tried a few things.

1- We tried to find a U Haul. In Robbinsville. On Sunday. At 5pm. Mo warned me and Coates: DO NOT tell them you are hauling a motorcycle, they will not rent you one for that." We forget to tell BJ this when he calls UHaul... as soon as he says "I need to haul a motorcycle" the lady on the other line says "Okay, we won't rent to you." Coates and I are furiously waving our arms at BJ trying to get his attention as the words are coming out of his mouth. Too late. BJ says to the lady, "Okay, can you just forget I said that?" "Sir, I can't do that." Next idea.

2- BJ calls his girlfriend (who shall remain nameless to protect the innocent) to get her to go to his buddy's house to pick up a trailer. She is less than thrilled, BJ thinks she's gonna total the Land Cruiser getting to us, and anyways his buddy's trailer is full of chit. Next idea.

3- There was some mention of a coworked of BJ's coming to get him and stay the night but that idea was quickly discarded before any trouble could come of it. Next idea.

4- The plan was hatched to leave the Tiger at the KSL and BJ would ride bitch back on one of our bikes. NONE of us were thrilled with this idea, but we were getting desperate. We tossed a quarter to see if Coates or myself would 'win'... I called it right, Coates had to go for best 2 outta 3, and I got it right again. Some math was done and we decided it would just suck too bad for everyone. Next idea.

5- We tried to get Mo's daughter to find a friend with a pickup that wanted to make $50. Next idea.

6- DAGS TO THE RESCUE. BJ put in a call to Darren, who for the first time ever was smarter than the rest of us and left earlier in the morning, to see if he'd kindly come get him. Of course, Darren's morning spell of smartness wore off once he got back ITP and answered his phone. He agreed to make the drive, but only if Coates would be the one to ask him to bring his TRUCK to make the rescue. Coates sucked it up and admitted we needed to truck a bike somewhere.

Well, guys, we gave it a valiant effort but it just was not to be. BJ, when you order those METAL fittings let me know. I'll add onto that order for my own Tiger.

Coates and I packed it up, made sure BJ had some beer, and headed off into the storm. By the time we got to Dahlonega it was thundering and lightning. Made it home in one piece. Had a good time, fellas.

My favorite moment was loitering at the liquor store that doesn't sell BEER.

My favorite lesson is "do not park your bike in soft soil."
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