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back in the saddle again.
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Following up on JuniorsKTM post. Here are my pics.

Overall the day was a huge amount of fun, very tiring and spent way too much time picking the beast up, so here are some pics not in any real order.

Let the fun begin

Brown took us up to a lookout that was only accessible via a rocky path up the mountain. His place is about 30 miles off in the distance

Below, is the view the other direciton, with a good shot of the 950 SE aka "wheelie machine"

Coming down the mountain, it was time for a bit of cool refreshment.. Brown knew of a fresh water tap just down the road

This looks like a freakin KTM dealership

We saw plenty of downed trees, I now have a better appreciation for the chainsaw carrying apparatus. We tried briefly to get the 950SE over it and downed the bike, so we turned around.

more trees...

Acres of flowers, so we stopped to snap a few pics.

Oh no we aren't....

Oh yeah, we did! that water a running pretty damn fast coming from the far end and was really freakin deep! This was the highlight of my day honestly, a water crossing of this size, speed etc had me really questioning my abilities, but no swimming this time

Since it seems that being in the presence of Frank, towing a 9fiddy seems to be common place, you might want to pick up some of this 1" Military Spec Webbing from REI, you can get 25ft of it for about $10, and we need it, it was $10 very well spent, and I almost did not pack it.

I low sided going around a downed tree and the stupid pig would not start...dang nabbit, freakin time for a canisterectomy. It started raining on us so, I got out the webbing and Frank hooked me up and hauled my butt out of the forest.

Tie the webbing to the tail plate of the tow bike and the other end to the footpeg of the bike being towed and ride a bit offset, works like a charm, and when we hit ashpalt it was easy to pull/jump start with the bike in 3rd gear it jumped right off... Sorry no pics, it was raining like a beeacth.

This was the last water crossing of the day, here is our tour guide showing me the way...

I am sure there are many details that I missed. The call for help from Brown was due to another highside tip over in some singletack wet stuff that I fubar'ed. We could not get the bike to start and the battery starting sounding like it was on it's way to the grave. We were in the middle of no where and I was starting to contemplate WTF we gonna do next ? Well a little luck and cool heads prevailed and we just waited it out and let the gas evaporate, and it finally started.

I just wanted to say thanks to the guys for the ride, I had a great time, but it was kinda like playing golf with Tiger Woods, a bit frustrating at times due to a huge difference in skillz, but overalll a damn good time.

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