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Mine is failing at 30,000 miles. Same story as listed above, it started with the engine losing power and sometimes stalling when the fuel level was low, but only under hard braking or acceleration (I still havn't figured out why ). Then one day I had just filled up and the bike felt like it wasn't running quite right. Did a few hard accerations and as soon as I put a hard load on the motor it just fell on its face. It idled fine, reved fine, just faltered under hard power. As I rode it got worse and worse. 45 minuites later I could hardly keep up with traffic.

I wanted to confirm the fuel pump was the problem so I T'eed in a $20 NAPA gauge (similar to the KTM tool) before dropping $400 on a pump assembly. Put the bike back together and of course it ran perfectly. The problem with stalling under braking or acceleration also went away .

I ran 4000 miles without a problem ( ) removed the fuel gauge and still had no clue what caused the problem. 1000 miles later the problem resurfaced and worse than before. It was intermittent, but seemed to be affected by the heat of the fuel. When I let the bike cool or added fuel it would run much better.

I have a fuel pump assembly on the way, I'll probalby pull the pump out of the old assembly and carry it as an emergency backup.
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