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Originally Posted by outfit
Richard - do you mean the Toyo 310 is a taller tyre than the Firestone F560?
I thought they were the same. The number's stack up the same on both make's of tyre - 135-80/15.

I prefer the F560's because of the stiffer sidewall, but these are a good price and they cant be any worse than the softwall Michelin's.
Sorry Karl for the mix-up. Reading it back I understand why, but donít look only at the dates, there can be over a 1 cm difference when mounted. The Firestone 560 and the Toyo 310 are indeed ďabout the sameĒ size.

The F560 is imho indeed better (less bad) than the Michelin. Had them on my wifeís outfit, just in fact because it looks so high, but I thought it was terrible in rain. Tires like the Toyo, Nankang, Mabor in 135 can be a good alternative for 125 if you do not want or can have the better modern low-profile tires in 135/70-15 or 145/65-15.

As spare tires I also have Champiro wintertires (real cheap) in 135/70-15. I didnít expect anything of them (bought them together with rims, just for the rims), but in fact theyíre not so bad either. Similar story goes for the (cheap) Maxxis 135/70-15, again a low-profile wintertire.

If you really want it in 135/80-15 size, this Maxxis tire might be something for you:

Itís a all-year round tire.

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