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Easton Roller Mill

A nice break in the weather today so I decided to get a marker that I've driven/ridden past countless times and not noticed. I thought it was new till I saw the 1984 date on the marker itself.

The Easton Roller Mill marker is located at the Junction of 119 and CR 119/17 (Easton Mill Road) which is at the foot of Easton Hill and across from Easton Elementary. BTW, it's in Easton.

While the marker is just off the road, the mill is a SHORT distance along Easton Mill Road. The mill gives tours, but according to several sources it is only open the last weekend in September, although a sign at the mill said "Open 1st and 3rd." If you chose to visit the mill, take note of the stone wheel across the street in the neighbors yard. Wanna bet it was an original roller from 1894? (Sorry no pics of that, you'll have to visit it for yourself to see!) Please ignore the power lines that seem to ruin almost every shot.

The following courtesy of Historical Mills Blog. Quoted for posterity.

Easton Roller Mill is located in eastern West Virginia near Morgantown at N39 39.0177' and W79 54.7388'. It is a museum mill and owned by the Monongalia Historical Society (1980). The mill was built in 1864 by Henry Mack from Philadelphia for Henry Koontz.

The roller mills were installed between 1894 and 1910 they are still within the mill. The mill is constructed of an oak frame; it is two and one-half stories in height. (Monongalia Historical Society)

The mill is in very good condition, it is powered by a steam engine located in the basement of the building, and a boiler is located adjacent to the building. The engine still functions and the mill can grind grain, not all pieces of equipment are still functional.
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