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Originally Posted by Bartron
Saw your rig, very nice. What sizes do you run for the rears and fronts? The Mitas rear with a Rally Raid front sounds delightful.

What has your experience been so far with this set up?
I am running superlaced rims from Woody on the 1200gsa and run standard rims on the F800, though I am thinking of getting Woody to run me off a pair of Excel rims in an 18/21" combo so I have more tyre choice.

I find the Mitas is a really good wearing tyre if doing large miles... and I am not so fussed about running a full knobby on the rear for the most part, especially where the mix of road is 50/50 tar and dirt. Running a knobby on the front is more important. The Dunlop 908 is a pretty hard wearing knobby. It doesn't behave as well on the tar as the 606 but is a better off road tyre. If I was doing more sand and dirt and less tarseal I would opt for the Mitas E-09 or TKC or Rally Raid for our Aussie outback.

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