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I just returned 4 days early from a solo trip into the deserts of Utah --

I was about 300 miles from home and 20 miles into the Burr Trail when the bike (2008 990 Adventure) started starving for fuel. The bike would idle fine but when given throttle would chug along at about 2mph -- I was lucky to have been in a position to turn around and retreat to civilization, albeit very slowly with the bike dying every quarter mile.

My guess is that the filters have become clogged but who knows, the pump might be failing as well. Had I been in a position to swap pumps trailside, I would saved myself ALOT of hassle. I didn't attempt to repair this issue at the gas station for fear that I would be only further from home once I started riding again and might be worse off with a false sense of confidence....

Point is: 990's do have "fuel pump issues" and I am following this thread with great interest. Thanks to everyone involved.
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