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Braille Customer Service

I didn't like the way the stock battery wouldn't hold a charge for more than a few days. It works fine if I keep it on a tender, but seems like it's nearing the end and needs a replacement soon.

So, I order a Braille direct from the company. It was nearly DOA. Would charge up to 12.7, but would drop down to ~4 on load test.

Here's the timeline of my saga with trying to get the battery replaced:

March 26: I had completed the form to register the battery for the warranty, but you need a return authorization to return the battery. I called and spoke to someone who said he would e-mail me the warranty-claim/return form "within the next few minutes". Never e-mailed me.

March 27: E-mailed them checking up on it. No reply.

March 29: E-mailed them checking up on it. Replied on:

April 8: Received the form. I filled it out and e-mailed it back. Did not receive a confirmation of receipt or next steps.

April 13: Received another copy of the form asking me to fill it out and submit it for warranty service. Since I had e-mailed it in on the 8th, I e-mailed back asking if they had not received it and attached copy of original along with forwarded e-mail. No response.

April 20: E-mailed them checking up on it. No reply.

April 27: E-mailed them checking up on it. Received a reply that said," I apologize for the delay. I have your form and will be getting it processed today. I will be sending you a tracking number later today." No tracking number sent.

May 4: E-mailed them checking up on it. Received a reply that said, "sorry your battery is out of stock." WTF? Were they planning on telling me this?

I asked if I could have a refund since this whole process left me with very little confidence in Braille. They replied saying that they couldn't issue a refund since it was past the 14-day return period.

Anyone want to buy a Braille battery when my replacement finally gets here? I won't even open the box...
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