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Originally Posted by tumbler45
First thing I did was pull off the filters and check them out. They were brown, but did not seem to be clogged. I could blow through them will no resistance (for whatever that is worth). I have also had the problem happen on a 50 degree day within 15 miles of filling up.

Rather than spend $115 on a filter set and $60 on the orings (which is crazy!) I am going to buy a complete pump assembly and have a back up pump to carry.
Fair enough, I can understand that.

When my filters failed they were similar - brown, but otherwise not obviously clogged. I wouldn't have believed that was the problem if I hadn't blown the filter out with gasoline and compressed air and had it temporarily fix it.

You can re-use the o-rings. Mine have been in and out a half dozen times and are still sealing fine. They are pretty hacked, but that is mostly because I am a ham-fisted wrench.

Next time I have the pump out, I'll put in normal Viton o-rings instead of magic $60 KTM o-rings. If anyone has source and part number or dimensions for replacements, chime in. I know others here have done this.
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