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You know Gregor, I remember when I was replacing the clutch in my Guzzi. Everything from the tach, you remember I only have a tach right, was off, and the tranny had to be split from the bell housing. I buttoned her up at 1AM in the morning. You know what I was doing 6 hours later? Riding to daytona and the Keys.
Now don't get me wrong, I realize that Italian agricultural machinery is a bit less spohisticated that your adventure, but only a bit, I mean, a Guzzi doesn't carry water right? I am firm in my conviction though, that you could sew up that bike in a weekend if you wanted to. But the real question is, how long will your tolerate not riding your bike while the sun shines and the roads are clear and there are Epic rides and I do mean Epic rides, hot springs and all other measures of God's good will here in Idaho?
It might be possible and I'm thinking to do the Labrador run. Do you know how many years ago I planned that ride?

Back in the saddle,


p.s. Love the bike
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